SHFFT membership is available to all current and former members of the Stanford and Harvard communities automatically, and to others via invite. To join SHFFT, click below to sign up for our Slack group using your student or alumni address. If you are not a member of the Stanford or Harvard communities, feel free to reach out to inquire about membership.

SHFFT members gain access to a community of hundreds of Stanford and Harvard students, alumni, professors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, executives, journalists, policymakers, and others who are working on or are interested in the future of transportation.

Members are eligible to attend private SHFFT events with industry leaders, which take place regularly on both coasts. They receive a monthly newsletter that includes analysis of the sector, career opportunities in the space, and spotlights featuring SHFFT members. They also gain access to the SHFFT Slack, which provides a platform for the community to engage and collaborate with one another.